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Soaring Master is the first training method designed for soaring pilots who want to improve their soaring skills and achieve higher goals.


It is a method in the form of an online course, that allows pilots to better identify both in a numerical and qualitative way current gaps in technique, weather reading/forecasting skills, task setting and tactics, and provides in-depth lectures, proposed training sessions, videos, materials, and and spreadsheets to help pilots improve in a faster way.


This method uses an anti-fragile approach towards continuous self-improvement, which greatly improves pilots awareness of flight techniques, decision making, planning, and weather reading skills so that at each new method iteration the pilot becomes better and closer to achieve his goals.


The course is opened once a year, and if you want to receive the latest updates, please subscribe bellow.

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Sergio, is an experienced Cross Country Soaring pilot and soaring coach. He has flown sailplanes since 2007, and flown in different regions of the world like the Andes, Alps and LEM. He acted as invited soaring coach of the Brazilian Air Force Soaring Team, and coached more than 150 pilots. Since 2018 he created the @soaringmaster Instagram channel to share knowledge, flights and the daily life of a soaring pilot.

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