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 1- Will the course tutor fly with me?


No, this is an 100% online course composed of more than 60 pre-recorded lectures. There will be online live classes (which will be recorded so everyone can review them). It’s 100% online course

2-Does this course count as a theoretical course for my SPL?


No,  this course teaches a training method and cross country techniques by using in-depth online lectures. It is not a theoretical SPL course: It's a training method for soaring pilots in the form of an online course.

3-I’m a student pilot, can I take this course?

Yes, pilots from all experience levels can benefit from this course.

4-When I finish this course, will I be able to get a flight license?

This course does not grant any license, and it is not a Theoretical Course valid for any Private Pilot License.

5- If I don’t like this course can I get a refund?


Yes, if you can ask for a refund within 7 days after purchasing the course.


6- For how long will this course be available if I buy it?


The course's online content will be available for you for 3 years.


7-In which language will the lectures be taught?


In english language, but the e-learning platform offers automatically generated captions.


8- After finishing this course will I be able to go cross-country in my club?


This course is a primer for soaring pilots, but it does not grant you any kind of cross-country endorsement: your club workflow and your CFI are preponderant.


9-Can I send you my flights .igc so you can review them?


This course is not a direct mentorship. No individual flights will be analyzed. This course will teach YOU how to analyze your flights.

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